Alzheimer's & Dementia

Brain function might get compromised as you get older. It would be natural when you have those symptoms a few months or a year before you die. However, we can see more and more people with early onset of brain dysfunctions these days.

The brain is regarded as Kidney system in Oriental Medicine point of view. It is a form of essence which is governed by Kidney system which also includes bone & bone marrow, reproductive systems and hormonal systems as well. Due to the modern lifestyle, Kidney system is easily drained to empty. Overindulgence of the food including alcohols and other recreational drugs, excessive sexual activities, overwhelming emotional stress, and mind-stirring nightlife generally used up your fluid & essence from the Kidney system.

To prevent those early onsets, you need to balance your lifestyle with proper diet, balanced physical & mental activities and mind-calming meditation to save your essence of life. Winter is the season to preserve your essence. Therefore, especially during the winter, it is important to save your fluid and essence by refraining from sweating and vigorous activities. If patients are treated early with acupuncture and changes of lifestyle, it is possible to prevent or at least delay with less effort and cost.

Case 1: Female 83-years-old, overweight
She came to our office just along with her daughter who gets the treatment for the swelling and pain on the wrist area. She's been suffering from knee and shoulder pains but it was not severe considering her age and weight. Her daughter encouraged her to get treatment several visits later.

Initial evaluation reveals that she had been suffering from long term diabetes and dementia for more than 7 years. She also has problems such as night urination for 6 or more times, severe sweet cravings, varicose veins in her legs in addition to shoulder & knee pain. Due to her heavy body, She can't lay down to get treatment. Her pulse was big and surging but bubbly sensation inside. Her tongue was purple with a thick yellow coat on the center and wet. Due to her language barrier, her daughter translated during the session.

After the first session, her daughter reported that her voice becomes clearer and she talked to her grandson on the phone more than 20 minutes the next day. Since she's been suffering from dementia for more than 7 years, she's been talking to her grandson only for few minutes and the conversation could not go on. Also, night urination reduced to 4 times as well. 

With a few more sessions, her daughter reported that she started to cook which she couldn't do for a long time. Also, she can go out for a walk without being lost. Even though night urination and pain issues were still there, her pulse was improved without any sensation of bubble inside. She got a total of 12 treatments so far and her daughter reported she's been maintaining her clear mind in her grandson's house in Utah.